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Republican Congressman Banished From All Committees For Supporting White People


GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy has banished Rep. Steve King for questioning why “white supremacy.” is offensive. The GOP is shameless attacking one another. Democrats say racist statements 24/7 and are never censored. Too bad Congress can’t find their balls to fight against the anti American Left. Color me – DISGUSTED

Huffingtonpost reported two Democratic lawmakers are offering measures to censure Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) after his recent racist comments questioning why the terms “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” are considered offensive.

The resolutions from Reps. Bobby Rush of Illinois and Tim Ryan of Ohio would serve as a formal reprimand of King, one step below expulsion.

Ryan said King’s comments on white nationalism in a New York Times story attempt to “legitimize white supremacy and white nationalism as acceptable in today’s society.”

“Enough is enough,” Ryan told HuffPost on Monday as he introduced his resolution. He said it’s “important for Congress to speak out very forcefully in a bipartisan way” that King’s remarks are “not acceptable.”

Michael Zetts, a Ryan spokesman, told HuffPost that his boss has discussed his resolution with both the House’s Democratic leadership and House Republicans.

“I’m hopeful that Republicans are going to be supportive,” Zetts said.

Below is Leader McCarty’s Statement.

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  1. I believe the Republicans are still busting their ass to appear clean and fair and in doing so they attack each other. Dems on the other hand feel no need to appear clean themselves – they just invest their time in throwing mud at Reps and using the race card. Unless they start aggressively aiming at Dems in their speech and policies, Reps won’t win.

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