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Store Owner Armed With AR-15 Caught A Looter In His Store – Deals With Him Simultaneously (Video)

Thousands of people across the US have flooded the streets to protest police violence in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

But as protesters confront police brutality, some are concerned that some protesters are being needlessly aggressive.

In several videos circulating on social media, protesters deface, destroy property, or steal things from shop owners.

President Donald Trump has blamed some of the protests on Antifa, an umbrella term for anti-fascists, and has sought to designate it as a domestic terrorist group. Attorney General William Barr has also blamed Antifa and “groups of outside radicals and agitators” for “riots” at the protests.

But while our politicians trying to solve who is to blame for the situation, gun-owners and second amendment are the only things that stop looters!

A looter was greeted by an AR15 barrel in his face after a shop owner caught him stealing.

The incident was caught on camera from the shop owner’s first-person perspective. In the video, the thug can be heard begging for mercy as the shop owner is yelling, “You rob my store, you think I’m gonna play with you? You m*****f*****!”

Video below:

We did a little research and we found out that the video was filmed in Sacramento.

It’s nice to see people standing up and defending their livelihoods.

We have seen just about every race of immigrant business owners coming out and standing guard with their guns. Gun ownership is a right we take for granted but they didn’t always have that ability and seeing them embrace it in their new nation and use it to defend what they labored hard for is absolutely beautiful!

But if they shoot people they’re going to be villanized by the media and all of the liberals on social media.