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Liberals Who Tear Down a Confederate statue Get BAD NEWS (Video)

Earlier today, Anti-Trump leftist terrorists had toppled a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina.

“No KKK! No fascists! USA!” many protesters chanted as the statue came down.

Now, this has come back to bite them in a huge way. Watch the video below!


Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said that officers are working to identify the protesters involved in Monday night’s incident so that they can be arrested and charged, Fox News reported.

“We decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority,” Andrews said in a statement posted on his agency’s website. “As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct.”

He continued: “My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham.”

Andrews said he is asking city and county officials to establish guidelines and safe spaces for protesters to “prevent demonstrations from becoming disruptive and as we witnessed in Charlottesville, dangerous.”

“My Agency has been the focus of demonstrations for more than a year, most of them peaceful,” Andrews continued. “However, now may be the time for Durham to consider what is the best way to respond to continued protests while respecting every resident’s right to voice their opinion. ”

In response to the statue in Durham being torn down, Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper tweeted:

“The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments.”

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham told “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday that protesters who tear down Confederate monuments are eradicating American history.

“When you see bands of criminals, which is what they were yesterday, ripping down public property and being celebrated in the American media for doing so, we have a real problem on our hands,” she said. “This is not about racial healing or racial unity when you see the property being destroyed. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about the eradication of history and acknowledgment that we had really difficult, horrible moments in our country’s history that we were able to overcome.”

That’s statues has been there 93 years, now it a problem. Both sides fought for what they believe in and now this country is spitting on their graves. Nobody is saying that everything was right about war but it happens and its history.

What the left and those government officials are doing is suppressing the representation and expression of Americans both past and present, this act is illegal under our Constitution.

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