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The “Excitement” for Biden is Palpable as POTUS’ Motorcade Moves Through Atlanta – Compare This To Trump’s Visit (Videos)

Joe Biden on Saturday arrived in Atlanta to pander to black voters at a campaign event.

Biden’s campaign event was a total snooze fest. There was pin-drop silence at Mary Mac’s Tea Room in downtown Atlanta as Joe Biden spoke with a campaign volunteer.

A door creaked open, and Biden spun around, looking more lost than ever. He saluted as everyone laughed.


Biden trashed Trump and called him a “loser.”

“My opponent is not a good loser, but he’s still a loser,” Biden said as he lied about his years “playing ball.”

“Folks, Trump isn’t running to lead America. He’s running for revenge,” Biden said Saturday. “And look, revenge is no way to lead a country.”

However, there was something even worse than Biden’s obvious state of confusion!

Here’s what the MSM reported about Biden’s motorcade:

A team of Morehouse Men, led by U.S. Senator Raphael Warnock, were on hand Saturday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to greet President Joe Biden ahead of his highly anticipated commencement address at the all-male HBCU.

Biden’s Sunday morning commencement address will be the highlight of a long weekend in Atlanta for the president, who is using the trip to address and shore up Black voters and to raise money.

However, the scene seems to be a little less excited — possibly because everybody’s taking lavish vacations because “Bidenomics” has been so awesome.

Nah, that’s certainly not the reason:

We’ll make this a “compare and contrast” story. Let’s start with the streets of Atlanta (and the scene inside a Chick-fil-A) when Donald Trump was there:

Well, it’s obvious but it’s really strange there were no Biden supporters holding up ‘Biden 2024’ flags in bright blue Atlanta in a state he supposedly won in 2020.

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