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The Investigation Revealed That The Prominent DC Lawyer Who Served In The Clinton Administration Didn’t Die From A Severe Turbulence As It Was First Reported – Here Are The Details

Earlier this month, Dana Hyde a prominent DC lawyer who served in the Clinton and Obama Administrations died after the business jet she was aboard hit heavy turbulence while flying over New England.

Dana J. Hyde’s name was released by the Connecticut State Troopers, one of the agencies investigating Friday’s emergency landing at Bradley International Airport just north of Hartford.

Five people were aboard the private jet, which is owned by Conexon, a company based in Kansas City, Missouri, according to a Federal Aviation Administration database.


“We can confirm that the aircraft was owned by Conexon and that Dana Hyde was the wife of Conexon partner Jonathan Chambers,” company spokesperson Abby Carere said in an email. “Jonathan and his son were on the flight also and not injured in the incident. ”

Conexon specializes in expanding high-speed internet service to rural communities.

NTSB investigators were interviewing the two crew members and two surviving passengers to see, among other things, whether they were wearing seat belts when the plane was hit by turbulence.

It was first ruled that she died due to heavy turbulence but the investigation revealed a different cause of death!

The pilots flipped a switch and disconnected a system used to stabilize the plane.

According to investigators, Dana Hyde died after the plane “turned nose-up at several times the force of gravity.”

Pilots told investigators they did not encounter turbulence as the NTSB had suggested in a preliminary assessment the day after the incident.

No one else was injured in the incident, with officials confirming that both Chambers and one of the couple’s two children were on board at the time of the emergency landing.