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The Real Reason Why President Biden Use The Fake White House Stage Instead Of The Oval Office Is Finally Revealed

Another day, another Joe Biden controversy. For months now, the president has drawn a lot of attention to his choice of location for public events, which many believed was “fake”. Reports say the White House has built a Hollywood-style set for the president to use inside the Old Executive Office Building, complete with large-screen computers and lights, and even multiple “fake” windows.

The mainstream media so far debunked these stories as false but for the first time, far-left Politico accidentally reveal the reason why President Biden use the fake White House set.

Politico has a new piece out on the 2024 race, arguing that both “Joe Biden and Donald Trump are likely to run again, but neither is inclined to take the plunge first”:

But buried in the report is an explanation as to why aides have President Biden use the fake White House stage in the Old Executive Office Building instead of, you know, the Oval Office.

From Politico:

A bone he broke in his foot while playing with his dog in late November 2020 still occasionally bothers Biden, resulting in a slower and shorter gait. And the White House has largely abandoned using the Oval Office for press events in part because it can’t be permanently equipped with a teleprompter; Biden aides prefer the fake White House stage built in the Old Executive Office Building next door for events, sacrificing some of the power of the historic backdrop in favor of an otherwise sterile room that was outfitted with an easily read teleprompter screen.

Trump-era White House official Stephen Miller explained this months ago but the fact-checkers quickly debunked him.

Miller argued in tweets that the replica set “allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor (& w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera).”

“And for Biden apologists making the incredibly asinine observation that you can read monitors in other rooms: yes, for formal addresses. WH created this bizarre set-up to create illusion that Biden’s running a normal human *meeting* when he’s actually delivering a scripted text,” he added.


Appears to be no record of any of his predecessors, including former President Donald Trump, ever using a fake White House set for such events.

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