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Videos: All Jewish People Banned From All Flights For A Day By German Company, The Police Threatens To Arrest Them All

On Wednesday, I heard about an incident on Lufthansa flight 401, a Boeing 747-8 that flew from JFK to Frankfurt, that was almost too hard to believe. Allegedly, Lufthansa refused to allow any of the Jews from that flight onto their connecting flight to Budapest, while non-Jews were free to continue on their journeys. Two dozen armed police officers ensured that no Jews boarded the flight or caused issues at the gate.

Could this really happen in 2022?

I set out to investigate and spoke to more than a dozen passengers on board that flight. Most agreed to speak on the record, though some said they needed anonymity. I also requested a comment from Lufthansa.


After days of investigation, it does appear that nearly all visibly Jewish passengers were lumped together for collective punishment, as Lufthansa didn’t bother to identify the small number of mask offenders on board the flight.

The chilling video posted below appears to confirm that Lufthansa banned all Jews on the flight because, in a Lufthansa supervisor’s words, it was the Jews that made the mess and Jews that made the problems, and that all Jews onboard had to suffer due to the sins of the few.

Video below:

In another video, people can be heard asking the police, “Why do you hate us?” One person can be heard calling out “Nazi.”

In Germany, calling someone a Nazi is considered slander, and German Police have sued Americans who have called them Nazis in the past.

The officer is not amused and demands to know who said it. He accuses one passenger, but they denied saying it. The office again asks, “Who said the N-word” for Nazi, but nobody admits to it.