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Thug Tries to Molest 6-year-old Girl in Front of Her Mother

There’s a saying about a mama bear and her cub: NEVER come between them.

Men usually have the upper hand when it comes to physical strength or brute force versus a woman.

Of course when we’re talking about childbirth — totally different story.


If you’ve had the amazing experience of being present at your child’s birth, you know exactly what I’m talking about in regards to a woman being absolutely designed to withstand childbirth with unimaginable fortitude

Via Breitbart:

Nate Hunter, 34, was convicted of burglary, attempted murder, criminal sexual conduct with a child, and illegal possession of a gun for the April 2014 break-in of a home in West Columbia, South Carolina, according to Fox Carolina.

Police had charged Hunter under the suspicion that he broke into the home and ordered the mother and the little girl to strip naked.

He then grabbed the girl to molest her, but the child’s mother attacked. Police said Hunter then shot the woman five times.

Despite being severely wounded, the enraged mother was able to fight the suspect off and push him out of the home.”

In court, prosecutors said Hunter left a stocking cap behind after he fled and DNA linked the cap to the suspect. Hunter’s DNA was already in the CODIS system and the match led police to arrest him as a suspect, WLTX 19 reported.

Once arrested, police were also able to test a .40 caliber pistol in his possession and found it matching the bullets recovered at the scene of the home invasion.

Both the mother and the now 9-year-old girl testified against Hunter during the court proceedings.

Miraculously, despite being shot five times, the mother survived!

She and her now 9-year-old daughter testified against the lowlife during the court proceedings, for which he received a 45-year prison sentence.

Justice has been served and you know, that isn’t always the case, as evidenced by the judge who let that Muslim molester go free for one disgusting reason.

Much better result this time around.

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