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‘Trans Lives Matter’ Blocked Another Road – They Get a Rude WAKE UP CALL (Video)

No President has suffered so much as President Donald Trump from Loser Democrats. Unfortunately, since President Trump is the man in the White House it looks like “impeach!” is Democrat’s favorite world!

Nowadays blocking the roads and illegally detain others in order to prove something seems to become some kind of trend. Unfortunately for the protestors, they slowly realize that their actions have consequences… and the consequences are sometimes painful.

And once again we have another weekend of George Soros sponsored anti-Trump shenanigans by the Democrat Party terror group known as ‘Trans Lives Matter.’ But this time a car plowed into protesters at a rally for a transgender woman killed by police. Watch the video below!


Thousands are attending a vigil in St Louis, Missouri after 30-year-old Kiwi Herring was shot dead by officers on Tuesday, according to Mirror.

Photographer David Carson was at the scene and captured the moment a black car accelerated into demonstrators after it was surrounded in the street.

At least one person ended up on the bonnet of the vehicle. Mr. Carson said, fortunately, there were only “minor injuries” suffered.

Police gave chase after the incident, Mr. Carson added.

Describing the incident, Beth Gombos wrote online: “Our group of queer, trans, and gender non binary folx having a vigil for a black trans woman, kiwi herring, was just rammed by a car in the Grove.

“Multiple people hit, nobody seriously injured.

“(I stopped out the way just in time to not get hit but others were hit and at least one person seen by a medic)”

It follows the death of Kenneth ‘Kiwi’ Herring, described by St Louis as a 30-year-old black male, but friends said she identified as a woman.

Officers responded to a domestic call at her flat and found her with knife wounds, said interim police Chief Lawrence O’Toole.

“The suspect flourished a knife and slashed at the officers, slicing one officer on the arm,” O’Toole said at a news conference.

“The officers fired and shot and killed the suspect.”

Blocking roads and public right always is against the laws of protest, harassing drivers is the same, so expect to see more of the protestors run over when they try to block highways and public roads for protesting… Again, an illegal action.

Get off the roads! It’s not a legal action of protest. End of story!

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