Home Culture Trump Employees Attack Trump Supporter In Trump’s Skating Rink (Video)

Trump Employees Attack Trump Supporter In Trump’s Skating Rink (Video)

Two ice skating rinks in Central Park that are operated by the Trump Organization will remain open for the remainder of the season, CBS New York reports. The rinks were originally set to close Sunday at 4 p.m. because New York City is cutting ties with the Trump Organization due to the Capitol riot.

Although the contract with the Trump Organization runs through April, the leases to the Wollman Rink and the Lasker Rink were set to be terminated on February 26. The original Sunday closing date had been chosen to allow time for the Trump Organization to move out.

Families decried the move, with one skater pleading for more time. “So much has been taken away from us this year, and this was one thing that was kind of holding us all together,”


But it seems that nothing holds New Yorkers together anymore.

A man carrying a “Trump 2024” flag was tackled by an ice skater at Wollman Rink in Central Park over the weekend, video of the incident shows.

The crowd of ice skaters booed the man, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, as he skated on the ice holding the flag, the video shows. He was then tackled by an employee which is Trump employee as people nearby clapped and another person took the man’s flag away.

The two men struggled on the ice and someone shouted “No violence” before bystanders stepped in to separate the men, video shows.

Warning: The video below contains language that some may find offensive.

The man who was tackled, Dion Cini, shared footage of the incident on Twitter. Cini, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and self-proclaimed “Guerilla Marketeer,” was visiting the Trump-run Wollman Rink in Central Park on what was supposed to be its last day in business.

Cini, who regularly flies his Trump 2024 flag around popular New York City destinations, said that he was already leaving the ice per security’s instructions when the guard attacked him. He also said he went to the hospital for injuries to his back, neck, jaw, and knee.

“I brought the Trump 2024 flag to Trump Wollman rink because it was the last day of The Trump organization managing the rink, which they’ve done for the last 30 some years, and wanted to celebrate another Trump accomplishment while also starting a campaign push for 2024,” Cini said. “As I was being attacked I heard people cheering as I was put into a chokehold, which shocked me because I thought they want unity and not watch their fellow Americans being [attacked] over a flag.”

Online reactions to Cini’s rough ejection from the rink have been predictably split.

“Is the FBI going to use Facial analysis to arrest those people that attacked you?” Twitter user @JohnOSmith75 asked. “Im going with a no on that. They only do that to MAGA supporters.”