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Trump Reportedly Leads In Florida With Over 150K Votes Increasing Towards About 250k-300k Range After All Delayed Reporting Counties Report

Why is Florida so critical in the election? One historian tells News 6, it’s because the state is up for grabs, and for the incumbent, Trump, he needs Florida to win.

“Donald Trump knows he has to carry Florida if he’s to have any chance of winning reelection,” University of Central Florida professor Jim Clark said.

Clark, a UCF historian, and political analyst, said it’s been almost 100 years since a Republican has won the White House without taking the state of Florida.


The last time it happened was in 1924 with President Calvin Coolidge, said, Clark.

When it comes to Florida and its 29 electoral votes, the Interstate 4 corridor, through Central Florida to Tampa, is key in determining which way the purple state goes.

“They will determine who wins Florida; since 1996, whoever wins the majority of those seven counties has gone to the White House,” said Clark.

The I-4 corridor counties include Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Osceola, Orange, Seminole, and Volusia.

Clark said, right now, he knows Osceola and Orange County will go Democratic, and Polk County will go Republican. But he said the other counties are up in the air.

Well, the election day came and it seems that Trump is destroying Biden in Florida.

Early voting in the very important state of Florida is showing a very strong turnout for President Trump.

The latest update shows over 150K lead for President Trump!
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A new analysis of Gallup data out last week shows a stark partisan contrast in how the public perceives the coronavirus threat to their personal health.

According to data from the Gallup Panel conducting research on public opinion throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Republicans were far less terrified of the novel Chinese virus than Democrats which could lead to an even bigger win for President Trump.


Trump’s lead is now reportedly over 185K:





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