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Video: A Wealthy Woman in New England Takes in a Family of Haitian Migrants – Accidentally Spills the Beans on Why She Took Them In During an MSM Interview

Why some migrants come to Massachusetts

The factors behind the migrant surge are complex. Chiara St. Pierre, an immigration attorney for the International Institute of New England or IINE points to some recent changes to federal policies for asylum seekers.

She says there are three major policy changes that have contributed to the influx of migrants: the expiration of Title 42, a policy which turned immigrants away due to the COVID-19 emergency, more appointments on the CBP One App, an application that can be used by immigrants at the border to make an appointment to come in and be vetted to claim their right to asylum, and the so-called CHNV policy.


“Which is Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelans who are eligible to apply for travel authorization if they have a sponsor here in the U.S and it can admit up to 30,000 folks per month under those programs,” St. Pierre said. “The folks that we are seeing by and large have come either via a Biden parole program or through the app.”

Of the 2.5 million migrants who came to the U.S. through the southern border in 2023, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection Data, it is unclear how many have landed in Massachusetts.

Governor Healey’s administration reported roughly 3,500 migrants in the state’s emergency shelter system in mid-December 2023. In fiscal year 2023, Immigration and Customs Enforcement made nearly 9,000 arrests in six New England states.

Nearly 4,000 non-citizens were granted asylum in Massachusetts in 2023, a 20% grant rate. And, according to an immigration tracking project by Syracuse University, Massachusetts had close to 18,000 asylum filings in 2022.

But what’s the end game for the uncontrolled immigration?

Some folks in our country allege that the end game is to get cheap labor fot the rich people!

That would mean that this is a modern slavery and one rich woman from New England accidentally admitted that she feels like she has her own cooking chef, she also encouraged other people in the are to follow her move and get some help for home!

A migrant family from Haiti spoke exclusively with NBC10 Boston about their experience in the Boston area. They recently found a host home in Brookline, Massachusetts, and they’ve been searching for jobs.

Video below:

SLAVERY? White liberals are putting Black illegals to work as servants and personal chefs in exchange for shelter.

The couple has their work permits and they’ve been taking English classes. They say they’re open to work anywhere to save money for their future. In the meantime, they’re enjoying their time with Hillenbrand probably as maids in her house!

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