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Heroic Chiefs Fans Apprehend Parade Shooter, but Shocking Actions by Police Officer Caught on Video Ignite Controversy

ideo footage posted on social media appeared to show Kansas City Chiefs fans apprehending a suspect following a shooting at the team’s Super Bowl victory celebration Wednesday.

The shooting, which took place at the end of the victory parade and rally in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, has left at least one dead and nine injured.

Video posted on X from the event showed a man running through the crowd as he was chased and then tackled by two other men.


A woman can then be seen picking up some items from the ground (perhaps including a gun) near where the struggle was happening. She then handed the items to another woman behind her farther away from the scuffle, who placed an item in her coat pocket.

That woman then motioned for people to move back.

“While many witnessed the heroic actions of Chiefs fans in chasing and apprehending the suspect, some have raised concerns about the initial behavior of the police officer captured in the first 5 seconds of the video.

Watch the moment below:

1-5 seconds of video. Guy on inside wall closest to camera blue shirt & hat running parallel with shooter. Is that a cop ? Looks like he’s geared up but never reappears:

Applaud these brave Americans for taking that criminal down. We all need to intervene to stop these criminals. The police officer was accused from social media users about being a coward or even went further by saying that the cops were ordered to stand down!

These claims are not confirmed.

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