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Video: Pro-Palestinian Rioters Blocked The Entrance To Lockheed Martin In CA – They Learned The Hard Way That Americans Are Fed Up With These Psychos

Around 100 pro-Palestinian rioters gathered to voice their concerns about the Lockheed Martin’s alleged role in the Israel-Hamas war.

Among the demonstrators was Kaiyah Ari, who works for a nonprofit and who is calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

“We know that Lockheed Martin is the largest military contractor in the U.S. and the U.S. is a key player in aiding Israel,” Ari said.


Thursday’s protest began around 6 a.m. Videos provided by the group showed protesters blocking entrances to the Lockheed Martin research facility and chanting slogans calling for peace and justice in Palestine. Ari highlighted the frustration felt by many protesters regarding the perceived lack of action from elected officials to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Tensions escalated during the protest when demonstrators alleged that a Lockheed Martin employee drove his vehicle toward protesters who blocked the entrance and, reportedly, brandished a knife during the confrontation.

However, we have a video from the incident and the rioters were not innocent as they said!

A man traveling to work pulled out a knife to defend himself against a group of rowdy pro-Palestinian protesters blocking him from entering a Lockheed Martin facility in California.

The chaotic incident outside the military contractor’s Sunnyvale facility could be seen in a dramatic 56-second video that shows the man driving toward the blockade before getting out of his vehicle to confront the protesters.

The video, which appears to be filmed by a pro-Palestinian protester, begins with a group aggressively running towards the white vehicle unprompted.

As the man reaches the human barricade outside the defense tech facility he can be seen holding a knife as dozens of protesters swarm his car.

“You want to go to prison,” one protester bellows at the man as he stands beside his vehicle.

“Get out of the way or somebody is going to die,” he exclaims in a fit of rage as protesters begin to swarm the vehicle and one person tries to enter his car.

The man can be seen carrying a knife and appears exasperated as he continues to plead with the protesters to “get out of my way.”

“You want to go to prison, think about what you’re doing,” a protester yells off camera.

“Get out of my way, I have to get to my job,” he says seemingly exasperated by the situation unfolding before him, before putting away the knife. It has not been confirmed if the man works at Lockheed.

“I’ve got to get to my job,” he says before repeating “Get out of the f–king way,” as the dozens of protesters continue to swarm around him.

As the man gets back into his car, he can be heard yelling “Don’t you dare” at the protesters who attempt to enter the vehicle with him.

“Are you going to hurt people,” a protester can be heard repeatedly screeching off camera.

“We have eyes on you sir; we have eyes on you” the protester bellows before the swarm begins to stand in front of the vehicle and hold it back from the human blockade.

Video below:

Unofficial reports allege that there were some injured people but we don’t have more videos or information at the moment!
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