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Video: After Biden Finished His Speech, He Turned Around And Tried To Shake Hands With Thin Air And Then Wandered Around Looking Confused

President Joe Biden on Thursday defended his handling of the U.S. economy amid a 40-year-high spike in inflation that he blamed in part on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, Biden promoted his efforts to strengthen U.S. supply chains, accelerate American production of semiconductors and ease dependence on foreign makers.

But he spent a considerable amount of his speech talking about his handling of the economy, a factor in a dip in his job approval rating that could spell trouble for Democrats in November congressional midterm elections.

Biden said job growth had accelerated in his first year in office, including 365,000 new manufacturing jobs, and that the unemployment rate had dropped sharply.

Dogging Biden, however, are persistent increases in prices across the board.

Things went from bad to worst for Biden’s staffers when he finished his speech and he turned around and tried to shake hands with thin air and then wandered around looking confused.

His voters say that he was showing to some people who were out of the picture but we can’t confirm that so far.

They claim that he was just acknowledging the people behind him on the left and right of the stage before he exits.

Video below:

The president’s popularity has slipped, with his public approval standing near all-time lows at 41%, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll this week.

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