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Video: Reporters Ask Gay Community: “Trump or Biden”? Their Responses and Insight Will SHOCK You

From deeming gay Americans “security risks” to voting for DOMA, Biden is far from the champion for LGBT Americans that he claims to be.

Biden’s record shows he was no leader on LGBT rights:

In 1973, Biden suggested that gay federal employees were “security risks”
In 1993, Biden voted to block the immigration of HIV+ individuals into the United States
In 1993, Biden voted for the bill that created “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
In 1994, Biden voted to cut off federal funding for schools that taught “acceptance of homosexuality as a lifestyle”
For decades, Biden opposed same-sex marriage
In 1996, Biden voted for the Defense Of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as between one man and one woman
In the 2000s, Biden claimed that same-sex marriage was a “state” issue and repeatedly said that marriage was “between a man and a woman”
Biden refused to characterize a Constitutional marriage amendment as “writing discrimination into the Constitution”
Biden suggested he was opposed to the “timing” of the marriage amendment, not its substance
In 2008, both before and after he became Obama’s Vice-Presidential nominee, Biden said he opposed same-sex marriage
Biden is falsely claiming he was the first major leader to support same-sex marriage
12 years before Biden did, Vice President Dick Cheney opposed federal restrictions on same-sex marriage
Biden wasn’t even the first Obama Cabinet member to support same-sex marriage
In 2012, after Biden accidentally supported same-sex marriage, his staff and White House aides attempted to clean up and walk back Biden’s remarks, saying he had not actually endorsed it


However, during the 2020 Presidential election, the Democrats claimed that the Gay community supports Joe Biden because his stances toward the gay community are better than those of President Trump!

Things have gotten so bad for Joe Biden, that you can’t even go into the gay community and find support for him.

That’s what two reporters did in University Park, Texas, and what they discovered is very telling.

When these reporters went into the gay community, a Dem stronghold, and asked “Trump or Biden” their responses were unanimous.

Video below:

Watching and listening to this strong Dem base speak out this way, really makes you wonder about the polls we’re seeing.

I truly believe that Joe Biden is in the high-teens/low twenties in terms of polling, and more people out there “get” what’s going on than we might think.

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