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Video: Amber Rose’s Response to Reporter Asking Why She Endorsed Trump Despite Advocating for Women’s Rights Will Make Liberal Heads Explode

Amber Rose’s political stance remains unchanged despite Donald Trump’s guilty verdict. In a new interview on Friday, June 7, the model reiterated her public support for the former U.S. president.
Met on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, Amber was asked about why she decided to support Trump despite being a women’s rights advocate.

Amber Rose’s response to Reporter asking her why she would endorsed Trump when she is all about women’s right issues, Trump’s conviction and why a lot of celebrities will be voting for Trump now:

“Is Donald not about women’s issues. He tried to make America Great again that’s for women too right… People see the injustice and what happened and they want to vote for him more than ever… We just did our research… we’re not brainwashed anymore by the left…”

Video below:


It’s about time that everyone has finally come to their senses.

This just goes to show that acting on emotions alone doesn’t always render the results you’re hoping for.

Everyone is finally seeing how radicalized the left has finally become.

I wonder if the mainstream press will ever again employ someone who isn’t cringe?

I’m sure they’ll stop talking about Amber Rose ASAP!

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