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Close-Up Video: Watch the Disturbing Reaction of a WWII Veteran Behind the Stage at the Normandy Memorial While Biden Performs His “Signature” Move

President Biden was observed awkwardly fumbling for his seat while other dignitaries stood during a poignant D-Day commemoration ceremony in France on Thursday.

The 81-year-old was seen grasping for his chair in the middle of the stage, even as his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, and French President Emmanuel Macron remained standing beside him.

At the moment Biden appeared to hover over his chair, the First Lady quickly covered her mouth in apparent concern.


That moment sparked a lot of speculation on the internet and many of them are already viral!

The commander-in-chief quickly froze awkwardly until the others began to take their seats, footage of the bizarre moment shows.

Social media erupted immediately after the fumble was caught on camera, with many speculating that the first lady had been discreetly ordering her husband not to take his seat yet.

There is a special key word that is trending called Joe Biden’s’ bowel moment as many net citizens alleged that POTUS had a poop accident!

We are not able to confirm anything but by the facial expression of this ww2 veteran we can tell that Biden made his “signature” move and the veteran was visibly upset about it!

Watch the close up video below:

Normal video:

Old Joe appeared to grab a quick nap during the D-Day ceremony.

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