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Video: This May Be One of the Funniest Things You’ll Ever See on the Floor of Congress

During an impassioned speech in the U.S. House on Monday, Rep. John Rose (R-TN) addressed some very concerning issues on behalf of Trump. However, the moment became memorable for a different reason, thanks to his six-year-old son, Guy, who was right behind him in the chamber. The adorable and funny moment was caught on camera and quickly became a hit.

Rep. Rose began his speech, stating, “I rise today to address the terrible precedent set in our country four days ago. Using the justice system to engage in a politically driven prosecution and now conviction of a major political party nominee running for president, especially on the charges brought against Donald Trump, should gravely concern every member of this body, as well as every American across our country.”

Video below:


Rose mentioned that he had instructed Guy to smile for the camera for his little brother, who was at home, presumably watching on C-SPAN. What Rose likely didn’t expect was how much Guy would embrace the moment, providing some delightful and expressive reactions.

In a chamber often filled with serious and sometimes nonsensical political debates, this display of humanity was refreshing. Guy’s expressive and playful demeanor turned him into an instant favorite, showing that sometimes, even in the halls of Congress, a little levity and innocence can shine through.