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Video: Antifa Attacks Police Officer With A Baseball Bat – Receive Justice A Few Moments Later

Crowds of angry rioters gathered in rainy downtown Seattle and on Capitol Hill Wednesday evening after a grand jury decided earlier in the day not to charge Kentucky police officers for shooting and killing Breonna Taylor.

The evening began with two 7 p.m. rallies — one that began at Westlake Park downtown and ended with a vigil for Taylor outside the U.S. Courthouse, and another at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill that led to smashed windows, 13 arrests, and a referral to the Office of Police Accountability over one officer’s actions.

As the night progressed the rioters become even more hostile.


They also started to act like a real army and grouped in formations using similar tactics just like the police.

Video below:

They also throw large fireworks at the police.

Video below:

A Seattle Police officer was struck with a baseball bat by a Black Lives Matter militant after having a barrage of projectiles thrown at him.
As he is collecting himself, and dodging items like a traffic cone that were being thrown at him by the militants taunting him, a masked militant in black bloc attire comes up and hits him in the head with a baseball bat at full force.
Video below:

Few moments later allgedly the same Antifa rioter who hit the police officer with a baseball bat laid down in the middle of the road in an attempt to slow down police officers who were moving in on bikes. reports from the field say that they often change their clothes and masks to avoid identification.
Unfortunately for the rioter, his harebrained scheme did not go as well as he likely hoped it would.

Video below:

This is getting ridiculous. Antifa needs to be declared a terrorist group and treated as such.