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Video: Auto Store Attacked By Seattle ‘CHAZ’ Rioters – The Owner Apprehended The Arsonist, Police Never Came

Seattle activists just can’t settle on a name for their cop-free protest pace.

Once known as the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, the protesters behind the festival-like takeover of a six-block radius around an emptied-out police precinct in the neighborhood are now pushing a new acronym for the space: “CHOP,” or Capitol Hill Organized Protest.

One protester, Maurice Cola, told reporters in a widely circulated Twitter video that the change was to better reflect the organizers’ message.


“This is not an autonomous zone. We are not trying to secede from the United States,” Cola said.

But protesters there can’t agree on what the “O” stands for, with some pushing the moniker “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” and others using “Capitol Hill Organized Protest.”

Cola said demonstrators using “Occupied” were confused.

“People are not understanding they’re seeing the acronym and they’re just jumping the gun,” he went on

But the rioters can agree on one thing, they want the cities to burn.

After a group of anarchists took over a 7-block area of Seattle, it was called a “block party” and so “peaceful,” but there is trouble in this so-called “Autonomous Zone.” It’s not all fun and games.

Yesterday there was another incident!

A man on a microphone sicced a large mob on the Car Tender autoshop near the Seattle “autonomous zone.” They broke down the fence. The owner said he apprehended an arsonist before all his comrades showed up to try and free him. Police never came.

Video VIA Andy NGO:

This is America without the cops you all hate. Just on a very small scale.

Don’t get me wrong we need reform in the police department and we need to fight against police brutality but “defund the Police” movement gotta stop!

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