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Video: CNN Staging Dramatic Live Reporting of a Barrage of Rockets on Their Team In Israel – What Happens at the End Is Just Hilarious

Hundreds of fake videos of the Israel-Hamas conflict have surfaced on X. These videos falsely claim to have been filmed in the Middle East in the past few days.

Users on X shared a fake news release from the White House claiming that the US was sending billions of dollars to help Israel. Joe Biden has not made any such announcement, the White House confirmed on Monday. Users are pushing false claims and misrepresenting videos from other events.

The controversy centers around a video clip aired by CNN, which depicts an attack on their team and rockets are heard. However, what ignited the furor was the voiceover accompanying the video. Critics argue that the voiceover, which carried a British accent, appeared artificial and detached from the original event.


Fake video below:

The backlash against CNN primarily revolves around the voiceover’s alleged lack of authenticity. Social media users scrutinized the video, asserting that the voiceover sounded pre-recorded and not in sync with the actual events on the ground. This perception has fueled skepticism about the credibility of CNN’s reporting.

An Indian political analyst Zaid Khan posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, of CNN’s report. He wrote: “CNN EXPOSED FOR FAKING AN ATTACK IN ISRAEL.”

A social media user replied to his tweet: “The voice was added over the original soundtrack and is obviously fake. It’s terrible that this war is happening, but it’s truly diabolical that someone would make light of it. This is not a joke.”

Another replied: “Why CNN journalists was speaking with British accent?”

One wrote: “Voiceover is fake as confirmed by the video original author.”

But what nobody realized is that they don’t need to fake audio to make CNN look like a fake news!

Here’s the original video and watch what happens at the end:

They cut off the footage when 2 men casually walking on the sidewalk with flipflops get into the camera view.

The Israel-Hamas conflict is becoming worse by the hour, with shootouts between security forces and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Over 1,000 have died on both sides since the attack.