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Viral Video Accuses Pope Francis of Racism When a Black Priest Approached Him – What Really Happened Here (Video)

Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, is embroiled in a controversy once again stemming from an undated video taken during a 2019 Palm Sunday Mass at St. Peter’s Square. In this video currently going viral on X, formerly Twitter, the Pope can be seen greeting various bishops and cardinals, but when a black bishop approaches, seeking to kiss his hand as a sign of respect, the Pope’s reaction raises concerns.

The black bishop has been identified as Cardinal Jean-Pierre Kutwa, the archbishop of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Video below:

The video, though undated, has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, with users expressing disappointment and anger over the Pope’s dismissive gesture towards the black bishop. Calls for an explanation and an apology have been mounting, as people demand clarity on this troubling incident.

However, contrary to initial claims, iHarare has established that the video does not depict Pope Francis “pushing away” the black bishop. Instead, it shows the Pope withdrawing his hand when any of the bishops attempt to kiss his ring. This action is consistent with the Pope’s expressed preference, as he views it as a sign of humility and closeness to the people. It is essential to clarify that this gesture has been extended to individuals of diverse races and backgrounds, not just the black bishop.

Here’s another video below:

I don’t like his policies but accusing him of racism is a bit much.

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