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Video: Flight Attendant With The Mask Under His Nose Threatens Passenger With Arrest Over Patriotic Face Covering: “It is not legal according to the CDC”

Spirit Airlines passenger was told to expect local police to be waiting for him after an argument with a flight attendant over face masks was captured on video and shared to social media.

The video begins during the conversation with the passenger—who is unnamed—telling the Spirit Airlines employee that he is wearing a mask.

In response, the flight attendant asks what he is wearing under his mask and that the cloth around his nose and mouth is not “legally” a mask.
The conversation below:

I’m wearing a mask.


What do you have underneath this? This is not legal to wear.

I’m wearing a mask—Legal by who? Legal by who? What’s wrong with my mask?

It is not legal according to the CDC.


Really. That’s why I handed you a mask.

Show me those rules.

I don’t have to show you the rules.

Well, I don’t have to wear the mask that you gave me. I’m wearing the mask that I have. I’ve been on 20 flights, okay? I’ve literally been on 20 flights with this same exact mask. Alright? I’m done talking.

Well, so am I. And I’ll have the authorities waiting for you when we land.

Okay, sounds good.

Video below:

The flight attendant that “follows the rules” had his mask down under his nose!

Spirit Airlines did send an apology or some sort of an apology:

The patriotic mask covered more than the flight attendant loose mask which was creeping down his nose and he kept pushing it up with his hands. ‘I don’t need to show you anything’. Spirit hires unstable attendants. He bullied and threatened a passenger. He should be fired.