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Videos: BLM Trespassed A Private Property Last Night And Attacked A Gay Mexican Veteran And His Boyfriend

The Proud Boys promised a rally in West Philadelphia’s Clark Park on Saturday.

The gathering never materialized. Those who showed up in one of the most progressive, racially diverse neighborhoods in the city turned out to be Antifa rioters that were there to oppose the Proud Boys!

An attack occurred in Philadelphia as Antifa black bloc militants smash up a car that has a dog in the back, these vandals were far-left rioters gathered today to oppose a right-wing event at Clark Park.”
Video below:


Reports from Washington, D.C., highlighted a different incident that unfolded.

Antifa trespassed into private properties and attacked minorities and gay people.

A DC BLM activist physically assaults a gay man by hitting him in the face with her megaphone.” “Antifa militants then trespass the front yard of his friend they are having a get together on and begin to lay hands on him.”
Videos below:

“DC BLM and Antifa descended upon a gay neighborhood tonight and began to intimidate and harass multiple gay people,” Hernandez continued, “Including a man with his puppy accusing him of ‘physically assaulting’ them and for not wearing a mask.”

Hernandez documented another alleged incident, writing: “A BLM activist can be seen getting extremely aggressive with the gay man to the point of threatening him by saying: ‘You are mother f*cking lucky’ because the gay man’s accomplice escorted him away.”

They also attacked a Hispanic reporter:

Lock and load America, Antifa is coming into our homes and things are about to get worst!