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Video: He Did It Again – Joe Biden Caught Plagiarizing Hillary Clinton During His Latest Speech

This isn’t the first time that Biden has been accused of plagiarizing. Old habits may die hard. Throughout the campaign, he has come up with ideas after President Donald Trump has already had them or put them into place, either just claiming them as his own outright or, perhaps, as bad, alternatively, not even being aware of what was being done by Trump.

In 1987, Biden had to drop out of his first presidential run, after he was busted for lying shamelessly about his academic record after yelling at a voter about how much smarter he was than him, as well as plagiarizing the Irish politician Neil Kinnock in a speech. Biden also admitted that he plagiarized a paper in law school.

Yesterday he went one step further and he plagiarized a full speech from Hillary Clinton.

Video below:

It’s the lyrics of a spiritual song. Unless they credited James Cleveland, they both plagiarized

Because this isn’t the first time Biden plagiarized something, Trump accused Biden of plagiarism on flimsy grounds when the former VP rolled out his “buy American” economic plan, but he has been vocal about Biden and plagiarism going back to 2008.

In an interview transcript unearthed by Insider, the first thing Trump jumped to when asked to weigh in on Biden being picked as Obama’s VP nominee was the Delawarean’s history of plagiarism. This 2008 CNN interview sheds light on Trump’s instincts when it comes to his 2020 opponent.

Asked by Wolf Blitzer to offer his thoughts on Biden joining the ticket, Trump replied, “I really don’t know Senator Biden but I know one thing. He’s run a number of times for president. He’s gotten less than 1 percent of the vote each time.”

“And that’s a pretty tough thing,” Trump continued. “You know, he’s also been involved in a pretty big controversy like plagiarism in college and various other things. That’s a pretty big statement. So perhaps you change over a period of time. But when you plagiarize, that’s a very bad statement.”

Video below:

Joe Biden even lied about being marching/being active in the civil rights movement.

Biden has a history of gaffes, questionable comments and lies. He said in 2007 that Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Recently, of course, he said told Charlamagne tha God, “You ain’t black” if you didn’t vote for him.

So given all that we know, we are left asking what point do people just say, whether he has a cognitive deficit now or not, he just has a long history of being a bald-faced liar?

It seems Biden hasn’t changed a lot but let’s hope that this will be his last plagiarized speech!