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Video: Idiot Thinks He Can Go One On One In A Gun Battle With A Cop – It Didn’t End Well

New Orleans Police Department released a video of a shooting incident where an NOPD Officer pollssmd shot an armed robbery suspect in Treme.

According to NOPD, an armed robbery suspect, identified as Daniel Castillo, 32, was shot two times in the leg during a gunfire exchange with police, last month, in the 400 block of North Dorgenois Street.

Police say Castillo held up two women at gunpoint in a church parking lot and stole one of the women’s purse with her cell phone in it.

The video shows an NOPD officer who was searching for a suspect near the Lafitte Greenway. Atkin locates the man hiding in a bush. Officer can be heard asking the man to raise his hands and drop his weapons.

Castillo refused commands to show his hands and drop his firearm. The video shows gunfire exchanged between the officers and the man in the bush. The officer drops his flashlight, backs away from the suspect, and calls for backup.

NOPD said the suspect shot his weapon first, firing two shots. The gun then jammed, and the officer fired 17 shots back, striking him in the leg. The man received treatment for his injuries.

“If you look at this video, he is in an open field when this individual fired shots at him. He has nowhere to take cover. The only thing he can do is return fire to save himself.” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

Video below:

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Castillo is charged with one count of armed robbery, one count of attempted armed robbery, and one count of attempted murder of a police officer.

Atkin remains on desk duty while the investigation continues.