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Video: Old Head Sucker Punches The Wrong One Twice In-Front Of His Kids – Receive Instant Justice

Today we have a really sad video from Carolina Beach Boardwalk where an elderly person gets into a fight with a younger due and receive instant justice.

The person who filmed the video said this:

The young guy was holding a parking spot when the old guy became upset about it, and rammed them with his golf cart. The old guy and his wife are ‘pillars of Carolina Beach’ and I guess feel the need to enforce their view of morality on everyone. Eventually Young family heads off to the beach/music/whatever.

Later old guy sees the young couple again, and starts yelling at them, and more words are exchanged. As the young guy tries to walk away old guy slaps him on the back of the head (can see in the first few frames of the fight).

A fight ensues as you see in the video.

Later old guy reports to the police and is trying to get the young guy arrested. Additionally old guy and his wife (the old lady who joined the fray and then got pushed down) are demanding and begging on the Facebook page where this was originally posted to take it down and that it was out of character and a mistake. The old lady is a Director of Nursing (or some similar title) for a local medical center and doesn’t want to lose her job.

Video below:


Do you think that the elderly person received proper justice?