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Video: Biden ‘Jokes’ About Sending Political Opponents To Jail – The FBI Actually Does It The Very Next Morning

Joe Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for a friendly sitdown with the far left late-night host.

At one point Joe Biden “joked” about putting his political opponents in jail.

So this is totally the type of thing a dictator would say.

Biden “playing it square” is a laughable concept.

Look at Kimmel and the audience when Joe talks about jailing his enemies.

I don’t have a good feeling, folks.

Video below:

This was less than 12 hours before the FBI raided the home of Ryan Kelley for attending the January 6 rally in Washington DC in 2021.

And this was less than a week after Biden’s DOJ strip-searched Peter Navarro for made-up crimes over January 6th.
It seems Queen Gretchen Whitmer is doing a good job of silencing those who would eye her Mitten throne.

Below are screenshots of a video provided to FOX 17, allegedly showing the FBI executing a search/arrest warrant on MI GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley’s Allendale home.

These are the federal charges that GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley is facing

Ryan Kelly is one of the few remaining Republicans running for Governor of Michigan against tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Here’s a podcast where Kelley talks about his platform and positions so you can see how much of a “domestic extremist” this real estate agent, former union worker, and father of 6 is.

More from Daily Wire:

Kelley is one of the five GOP candidates who qualified for the August primary ballot. The real estate agent has organized protests against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, and he was reportedly present at the January 6 Capitol riot.

And it comes after Michigan’s previous top Republican candidate, former Detroit police chief James Craig, was invalidated for the state’s primary after tens of thousands of invalid signatures from leftist trolls disqualified him from the ballot.

Democrats kicked the two leading candidates out of the race. And today the FBI raided the home of the remaining candidate Ryan Kelley.

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