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Video: Pelosi’s Slurring, Confusion, and Cluelessness Reach Scary New Heights During A Press Conference

The evidence is building that President Joe Biden isn’t the only Democrat Americans should be worried about when it comes to how things are working upstairs.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the podium on Thursday for her weekly news conference, she launched into a stream of incoherence that would have rivaled Biden on his worst day.

And it couldn’t have built much confidence in the nation’s top leadership.
Today during her press conference she was either on medication or some sort of alcohol because her behavior was not normal!

Video below:

As Speaker of the House, she is third in line to the Presidency.

But Pelosi turns 82 on March 26. And while she’s always been a bit of a babbling fool, her advancing age has rendered her incomprehensible.

Every Thursday, Pelosi delivers her weekly press briefing. And every Thursday, Nancy offers up more incomprehensible gibberish and laughable lies while reporters pretend everything’s fine, nothing to see here folks!

And the sad reality is that this isn’t the first time she’s shown signs of slipping.

Spouting vaguely connected words related to legislation being debated in the national legislature of the world’s most powerful country is not a hallmark of political leadership.

It’s actually a pretty good sign that the person doing the spouting should maybe think about retiring to that nice, plush San Francisco mansion where she can eat ice cream to her heart’s content — and stop inflicting incalculable damage on the nation unfortunate enough to be saddled with her.

Biden might be the most visible Democrat who seems to be losing it, but he isn’t the only one — not by a long shot.

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