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Video: Police Officer Kills A Man Armed With A Rifle Who Was Investigating Possible Burglary Of His Own Home

The Austin Police Department released new details about a fatal Nov. 15 police shooting in the 2200 block of S. Third St. in south Austin.

At about 12:28 a.m. that day, APD got a call about a man with a gun. The caller said the man seemed to be scared of something inside his own home before pointing his rifle inside and firing.

Austin Police identified the man killed as 33-year-old Rajan David Moonesinghe.


APD said two officers arrived at the scene, and as one of the officers pulled up to the residence, he heard gunshots and realized he was in front of Moonesinghe.

“Both arriving officers then drove past the residence. The two officers exited their vehicles and sought cover while Mr. Moonesinghe, who was standing on the porch, continued firing a rifle,” APD said.
Videos below!

Ring video:

Body Cam 1:

Body Cam 2:

Radio traffic:

The cop, Sanchez, has 2 years and 9 months in. Check out this sync with the 911 call – the caller told 911 that the guy was the homeowner & “he almost seems to be scared of something inside his home”. They blurred the squad’s laptop:

The police officers made a mistake and should have taken into consideration that the man was scared!

The Moonesinghe family released a statement to KXAN, writing it will “push” APD for all information related to Moonesinghe’s death.

“On November 15, 2022, our son, brother, and uncle, Raj Moonesinghe, was shot in the back by police officers on his own front porch. He suffered terribly and was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his gunshot wounds. No words can accurately capture the sorrow we feel and the love we hold in our hearts for the most caring, thoughtful, silly, loving, hardworking, and deeply admired person we’ve ever known. Losing him is a devastating blow to our family, leaving behind a niece and nephews who deeply admired him.

“We also mourn for all that Raj would have done with the rest of his life. He would have continued working on the school for children he was building in Zambia and sharing in the students’ love of soccer. He would have continued working with his brother at the company they started, inKind, to support small businesses and foster a community. Also, he would have spent time with his family: playing dolls with his niece, watching his nephew play college soccer, teaching his other nephew how to BBQ, enjoying Formula 1 with his dad, and taking care of his mother. He was a gentle giant who helped anyone in need, a church-goer who helped build a fence around his pastor’s home, a dog dad to his beloved Goldendoodle, and a support for his friends, family, and neighbors. Raj was the type of person who wouldn’t eat until everyone else in the room had taken food for themselves, and who would show up at the end of an event to help clean up even if he didn’t attend. Acts of service were his life passion, and all those he touched were blessed by his presence.

“Raj’s passing leaves behind many questions. We will push the Austin Police Department for all information surrounding his untimely and tragic passing. We deserve answers regarding why they shot and killed our beloved Raj on his front porch.”
Statement from the Moonesinghe Family

There are so many things wrong on both sides.

The police made mistakes as I said above but the homeowner broke about every common sense rule in the book.

First, he shot two rounds into his own house, what the heck was he firing at? After that, he walked outside with two squad cars in the street armed with an AR. I said common sense, not the law.

If he would’ve followed those two simple rules he would most likely still be alive. Easier said than done under extreme stress, but to your point, when he hugged the wall with his AR pointed towards the street that’s a bad look regardless of motive.

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