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Video: USPS Worker Placed on UNPAID LEAVE For Blowing Whistle on Backdating of Ballots

The U.S. Postal Service whistleblowers assigned to the General Mail Facility in Erie Pennsylvania agreed last week to come forward to go on the record using his real name.

“He is going to testify about the backdating of ballots in Erie, Pennsylvania, in a battleground state,” said James O’Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas.

“He’s scared,” O’Keefe said. “He’s afraid he’s going to lose his job.”

The Erie, Pennsylvania-based postal service whistleblower is named: Richard Hopkins, he said.

Hopkins said, “I’m nervous. I am nervous because this is a big deal.”

Some people at his work surmised that he was the one to talk to Project Veritas about the scheme to postmark late ballots with ‘Nov. 3,’ which was Election Day, he said.

“I did not witness them backdating, I witnessed them talking about backdating,” he said.

“Other employees feel the same way I do, but they do not want to say anything,” Hopkins said. “They contacted me, and actually were like: ‘That was badass and what-not. They were kind of glad that I did what I did—because they know things are—some odd stuff.”

O’Keefe said, “He is a courageous soul, and he is going to inspire so many people.”

Already, Hopkins is getting hassled by his union over a previous incident that was resolved months ago,” he said.

Video below:

Richard Hopkins is now being targeted and was placed on UNPAID LEAVE for blowing the whistle on backdating of ballots.

Things got even worse GoFundMe has flagged Richard’s campaign and is not allowing withdrawals from it:

It’s not about the ‘whistle-blower’, it’s about who’s getting blown. This citizen did NOT hide in anonymity. This citizen did NOT sneak around letting out bits and pieces of dishonest information. And this citizen will be DESTROYED by the left if we

Time to quit playing their games. I expect to see everyone that can get to a rally, AT a rally, this weekend.