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Allegedly There Are 132k Change Of Address Flags In Fulton County, Alone – 525k Voted In That County

A poll worker is forced into “hiding” and an issue “involving reporting” have turned the Georgia ballot-counting in Fulton County on its head as the state barrels ahead with its election process.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said election workers rescanned nearly 350 ballots in Fulton County after discovering an issue that caused them not to be scanned or uploaded to election tallies.

The issue involved a batch of 342 provisional, military and overseas ballots scanned on Friday night. Out of an abundance of caution, election workers and investigators began rescanning all of those ballots Saturday night. The numbers from Friday night were removed from state tallies and replaced with the corrected numbers.


But the recount in Georgia is ongoing and it seems that has huge flaws in the elections.

Kyle Becker and People’s Pundit on Twitter late last night alleged that 132,000 ballots are CoA flags in Fulton County, alone.

Fulton County had 525k voters in the last elections.
So 132k out of 525k 25% seems too much.

More informatiuon about Fulton County:
2019 Population Fulton County (2019 census)- 1,063,937. 21.4% under 18, 12.7% are foreign born (assume half are non-citizens), 4% have felony convictions (GA statewide average). Estimated potential voter pool of 751,826. Registered voters for November election – 808,742.

Another view…2004-2008 (Obama 1st term, high enthusiasm), Fulton Cty population inc by 10.94%, registrations inc by 23.47%. 2012-2016 – Fulton Cty population inc by 5.11%, registrations inc by 4.09%, 2016-2020 – Fulton Cty pop inc by 4.01%, registration inc by 36.99%.

Biden has collected 72.6% of the votes in Fulton County as of Saturday.

According to the secretary of state’s office, the recount will be done on high-speed scanners at each county’s central election office.

So first they create a test deck and count them by hand. Then they put those same ballots through the scanner and see if the tallies match. If they do, and the election workers determine the scanner is working accurately, every single ballot will then be rescanned.