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Video: What Nikki Haley Had To Say About MAGA People This Morning Will Definitely End Her Political Career

When New Hampshire voters head to the polls Tuesday, they will not only be picking a nominee.

Their choice between former President Donald Trump and his former U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley, will also send a big signal about their feelings on the future of the party.

Luke Rose, a 26-year-old casino dealer, was bowling with co-workers at Yankee Lanes, a downtown Manchester bowling alley. Between turns, he described the way he views the conflict as being between what he calls the “MAGA idealism” of Trump and traditional conservative values of Haley.


He’s convinced Trump’s way will win out.

“The message that will be sent [on Tuesday] is that Trump has officially been chosen. He’s the one,” Rose predicted. “And beyond that, we have to prepare ourselves, whether we like it or not, for a MAGA America or a Biden America.”

Nikki Haley on the other hand might have ended her political career with what she had to say about MAGA people this morning on Fox News.

Video below:

Nikki Haley said on Fox and Friends that President Trump’s supporters aren’t normal people. What an awful thing to say. All trump supporters in New Hampshire must get out and vote. It’s so important to send the globalists a big message at the ballot box.

Donald Trump’s support among national Republican primary voters has now risen to its highest level yet.

His legal issues obviously haven’t hurt his standing with primary voters and some of his recent controversial statements resonate with many GOP and “MAGA” voters.