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Video: With No Police Around To Attack, Antifa Fought Each Other Last Night

Numerous events were being held and planned in Portland on Saturday, as demonstrations against police brutality and racism continue in the city for the 45th consecutive day.

The death of George Floyd, who was killed May 25 while in police custody in Minneapolis, launched protests across the nation, and hundreds to thousands have gathered nightly in Portland.

The climax of Saturday night’s confrontation happened when the police decide to stay away.

The police did stay inside the barricaded courthouse and while there was no police around Antifa rioters fought each other.
There was blood splattered on the street and sidewalk across from the US District Courthouse. A witness said the blood was from a man who suffered a head injury.

Investigative journalist Andy Ngo was once again on the ground covering the issues that we can’t see on the mainstream media.

He did capture a moment that could be defined as the end of Antifa as local Antifa members fought each other.

Video below:

This isn’t the first incident of this kind when it comes to Antifa.

One week ago there was another incident, video below:

This is generally the best way of dealing with these people. They will turn on each other when you deprive them of a common enemy. Just stand back and let them wipe each other out.

What happens when you put snakes in a bag and tie it? They bite each other’s heads off. True story.