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Videos: War Zone In Portland With No Federal Or Local Law Enforcement Out Last Night After City Council Members Demanded The Police To Stop Responding

Police said protesters remained peaceful in downtown Portland for about four hours Sunday night before they began blocking streets and lighting fires.

According to police, demonstrators gathered near Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square, near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street, at around 6 p.m. For four hours, the group “socialized”, ate food, banged drums, and listened to speeches.

However, at around 10 p.m., police said the group began blocking traffic in the area and lit a bonfire in the troughs at the base of where the elk statue used to stand.
Video below:

The group propped wood against the federal courthouse and lit it on fire, police said.

Video below:

As Portland Fire and Rescue approached to put out the fire, someone fired a ball bearing from a wrist rocket at the firefighters.

But what the police or the federal authorities didn’t mention is the fact that the feds and the local police officers stayed inside for most of the night after city council members’ Jo Ann Hardesty and Commissioner Eudaly gave statements demanding police stop responding.

Also, let’s not forget Portland’s mayor restrictions, following yesterday’s violence at the antifa/BLM riot, the Portland mayor called for federal law enforcement to follow the same restrictions he placed on:

Andy Ngo who was on the field once again reported about the lack of federal authorities and local police officers:

There were to separate attack on innocent taxpayers where the police didn’t react:
Videos below:

The police finally decided to “react” and made a statement this morning:

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