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Videos Allegedly Show Election Manager As She Demonstrates A Dominion Machine Accepting Blank Ballots For Adjudication, Scan Batches Of Ballots Multiple Times And Decide *Voter’s Intent*

The ballot adjudication process varies state by state, it typically involves a small panel of people reviewing a ballot to determine either the voter’s intent or whether the ballot can be counted at all based on whether the voter was eligible to cast it.

Election officials have been stressing that adjudication – like counting every ballot received by election day – is part of the normal election process and is not out of the ordinary. However, the background process is now thrust to the forefront thanks to the razor-thin margins separating the presidential candidates, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, in multiple battleground states

*ADJUDICATION* is a Dominion override function that is meant for a marginal number of ballots

Fulton County adjudicated 106,000:

Gwinnett County adjudicated 80,000:

Maricopa County adjudicated 28,000:

Yesterday videos from a demonstration of Dominion’s adjudication process surfaced and raised more question than answers:
The videos were allegedly taken in Douglas, Ga, Coffee County.
Videos below:

Full videos YouTube links!

Part one:

Part two:

Now we still can’t confirm the validity of these videos that’s why we’ve placed “allegedly” in our headline but if proven to be real, this is what they have called “Fractional Voting”. There were videos about it. People have testified about it.

At least one person in their affidavit said they were instructed to run ballots through 8-10 times.

Officially Dominion has answered this about ballot adjudication:

No, the canvass process exists to allow election officials to validate and count ballots that were unable to be counted on Election Day because they needed additional adjudication. Dominion employees do not have access to this adjudication system, nor do they operate it. All states require bipartisan/multi-person teams in order to adjudicate ballots in accordance with the law.

There are two sides to this story.

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