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Videos: Washington State Troopers Arrest And Hogtie The Trump Supporter Who Shot Antifa Counter-Protester Near Washington State Capitol

Police in Olympia arrested one person Saturday afternoon following a shooting at a violent protest between two heavily armed groups near the Capital building.

The Thurston County sheriff’s office confirmed the arrest but didn’t immediately release details.

The Olympia Police Department said the person who was shot was taken to a hospital by other civilians. That person’s injuries are unknown.


Police said they are aware of several videos involving the shooting.

Prior to the shooting, the police fail to protect the protesters who were there to support President Trump.
In the video below you will see Antifa attacking Trump supporters as the Police are standing by:

Police arrested a person earlier in the day for a firearms violation.

But the police didn’t manage to stop another incident as Trump supporter shot an Antifa counter-protester.

Video in the aftermath of the shooting shows a person on the ground, and another with a handgun walking across a parking lot.

Video below:

The video was taken at Washington State Capital Campus.

Another angle of the shooting:

Synced video from the shooting incident:

Here’s an alleged up-close photo of the shooter:

Video where the screenshot was taken:

Troopers said they don’t have a status on the victim.

But they did manage to arrest the shooting suspect.

A video below shows state troopers as they arrest and hogtie the shooting suspect: