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Hopefully ‘The View’s’ Latest Blunder Will Be The Final Nail In Their Coffin. Let’s Boycott Them!! (Video)

Democrats suffered a humiliating setback when Jon Ossoff lost to Karen Handel in a Georgia special election that ended up being the most expensive one of all time.

Afterwards, Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow hosts of The View were so upset that they went into complete denial and refused to accept Ossoff’s defeat as a colossal defeat for the entire Democratic Party.

Watch the video below!

Via TheBlaze:

“People are saying, ‘Oh the Democrats can’t pull it off.’ I just want to say that this race was much closer than anybody thought it was gonna be particularly in a state that has always gone Republican,” Goldberg said, comparing the race to the special election in Montana. “So it is that they haven’t, uh, pulled it all the way out, or are things are moving in a different direction?”

“The fact remains that since Donald Trump won the election,” co-host Joy Behar explained, “since he was nominated, the Democrats have lost three elections. So if you’re using Donald Trump as the basis of your campaign, I don’t know if it’s working. I don’t think people are going toward the Democrats in enough numbers at this point. And it’s a problem, big problem.”

“The bottom line is, you can say it’s a loss,” Goldberg added later in the segment. “I don’t see it that way. I see that Democrats are coming out and they’re not coming out in the numbers perhaps you want them to come out in. Montana, we, this kid, the man who ran against the gentleman who won would never have had not one iota of movement had changed not been happening.”

“I’m saying I’m not looking at this as a loss,” she concluded. “I’m looking at it as slow progress.”

“Look I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the message,” she responded to co-hosts saying the Democrat’s message was faulty. “I think what’s happening is that people need to make decisions. You know, you feel like you don’t want to see any more gay people I’m sorry, gay people are here. They’re staying.”

“You want people to understand how you feel about your God, well I know how you feel about your God,” she added. “That’s great, but you can’t force me to feel about your God how you feel about your God. There are a lot of specifics that people, that people, don’t want to hear any more. They don’t want to see a lot of changes, people are tired of change, but this is America, this is what we do!”

Behar underestimated the Democrats’ problem — they’ve actually lost four out of four special elections since Trump was elected.

It’s pathetic that Whoopi and her friends are in such denial that they can’t even admit when they lose these days. Furthermore, the Democrats have no message, no plan to offer to the American people and yet don’t understand why they lost. This epitomizes the ridiculous liberal mentality that has spread throughout this country, and it’s one of the many reasons why Americans voted for Donald Trump this last election.

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