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Chelsea Clinton Just Tweeted the DUMBEST Comment About Hurricane Relief in Texas

Chelsea Clinton, being traumatized because her mother was stalked on stage by Donald Trump in the second Presidential debate and because Russia preventing her from winning the elections, she has been “resisting” the Trump presidency in via 140 characters at a time on Twitter.

Like so many of delusional detractors who make up the pig sty full of Trump’s critics on Twitter, Chelsea thinks tweeting snarky comments will somehow remove Trump from office or something.

Chelsea joined in with the chorus of hypocritical keyboard warriors who claim donating $1 million dollars to hurricane relief is “not a lot of money,” although they all unanimously cried out how Trump’s $1 million loan from his father is an enormous amount of money.


Among the pampered princess’s latest criticisms of  Trump, she tweeted out some nasty nonsense in response to statements he made at a Houston relief center, that “I think people appreciate what’s been done. It’s been done very efficiently, very well. Very happy with the way everything’s going — lot of love. It’s been really nice. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing. I think even for the country to watch, for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful.”

One could claim she does not realize the President was talking about how inspiring it is to see the love people have sown in helping others, however someone who has so much education 2 masters degrees — would comprehend what Trump was referring to wouldn’t they?

Perhaps not, which is why sane-Twitter users took the initiative to explain it to her.

It’s interesting that Chelsea had no public comment when Barack Obama refused to do as little as leave his vacation early to visit flood ravaged Louisiana in 2016.

She has no problems tweeting out an erroneous, despicable statement about President Trump while he works hard to facilitate relief for the victims of the hurricane in Texas and has been there in person helping out.

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