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VP Mike Pence’s Overseas Trip On January 6th Is Canceled – Will He Decide The Presidential Race?


Vice President Mike Pence was set to travel overseas for the first time during the Covid pandemic just hours after presiding over the congressional session where should be declared the winner in the presidential election.
Pence was planned to depart on Jan. 6 for a trip that will include stops in Bahrain, Israel, and Poland, according to a government document obtained by NBC News, and remain abroad through Jan. 11.

Well, that trip is canceled.

A planned visit to Israel by US Vice President Mike Pence was called off less than two weeks before he was due to arrive, the US Embassy confirmed Wednesday.

No reason was given for the cancellation, which was first reported by the Ynet news site.

This again made a huge debate on the social networks on whether VP Pence will reject the fraudulent electoral votes and decide the Presidential race.

Or the real question can he, and will he do that?
Conservatives alleged that The particular statute granting this authority is U.S.C. 12.

U.S. legal code requires the vice president to accept or reject election results on the third Wednesday of December or the so-called Pence Card was raised as false by fact-checker Snopes.
Their decision was that A provision in the U.S. legal code says that if a state fails to deliver a certification of vote to the vice president or the archivist of the United States by the fourth Wednesday of December, that person shall request that the state’s secretary of state provide these certifications in an expeditious manner. This provision does not, however, grant the vice president the power to reject votes that were certified by the states.

But on the other hand American patriots still believe that Pence can decide the race and President Trump can get another four years.


National File had the details of the story here:

Ivan Raiklin says Vice President Pence can request states send Electoral College slates that actually reflect the will of the people

Citing the United States Constitution and U.S. Code, Constitutional Lawyer Ivan Raiklin says it is Vice President Mike Pence’s duty to instruct states to expeditiously send their Electoral College Certificates immediately if they have not been received.
U.S.C. 12 explains that “When no certificate of vote and list mentioned in sections 9 and 11 of this title from any State shall have been received by the President of the Senate or by the Archivist of the United States by the fourth Wednesday in December, after the meeting of the electors shall have been held, the President of the Senate … shall request, by the most expeditious method available, the secretary of state of the State to send up the certificate…”

Beyond the allegations and evidence of widespread fraud presented by both President Donald Trump’s legal team and independent lawyers and witnesses across the United States, several states have now sent competing slates of delegates to Washington, D.C.

Additionally, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Arizona have asked the U.S. Congress not to accept the votes assigned by the state’s Secretary of State, suggesting they represent fraudulent election results.

Should Pence take this action, he is then instructed by the law to request these states immediately send accurate Electoral College Certificates before January 6.


Just The News also added this:

Two law professors are arguing the U.S. Constitution’s 12th Amendment could empower Vice President Mike Pence to reject contested electors and pave the way for the U.S. House to re-elect President Trump under what’s known as a contingent election.

In an October 19 essay at “The American Mind,” John Yoo, a law professor at the University of California-Berkeley, and Robert J. Delahunty, a law professor at St. Thomas University, argue that Pence, as presiding officer of the joint congressional session on electors, can refuse to “count” the electoral votes from disputed states.

However, this legal analysis empowering the Vice President faces headwinds as states continue to certify results for Joe Biden over President Trump.

Even do Mike Pence publicly supported President Trump legal efforts to prove voter fraud, he was sued by Rep. Gohmert who argued that Mike Pence should pick competing slates from the swing states Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigann, Wisconsin due to the mass amount of fraud in the 2020 stolen election.

The Senate and House meet jointly on Jan. 6 to open and count certificates of electoral votes. The vice president has the constitutional role of presiding over the Senate, which has traditionally included overseeing the formal acceptance of the Electoral College vote.

There are two sides to the story and will Mike Pence decide the Presidential race?

We gonna have to wait for a week and find out.