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WATCH: Biden Camp Urges Social Media to Censor ‘Out of Context’ G7 Summit Clip – Full Video Is Even Worse

Here’s what CNN had to say about the embarrassing display of Biden at the G7 summit in Italy:

Right-wing media outlets used a deceptively cropped video to misleadingly claim President Joe Biden wandered off during an event with other world leaders at the G7 summit in Italy on Thursday.

Video shared by the New York Post on X showed part of a skydiving demonstration in front of several world leaders in Italy that involved several parachutists landing near the group, with each skydiver carrying a flag representing the different G7 countries.

In the full, unedited video, Biden – who was standing with the group of leaders as a parachutist carrying a G7 banner landed in front of them – briefly turned away to give a thumbs-up to several parachutists who had landed behind the group, along with a parachute rigger who was kneeling on the ground to pack up one of the skydiver’s chutes and the French flag.

Video below:

Well, we decided to listen to CNN and found a longer video from the embarrassing moment, and guess what?


It’s even more embarrassing than the short one!

Video below:

He literally didn’t notice the flying man landing directly in front of him. Remarkable!

Interesting to see how the other “leaders” pretend there’s nothing wrong with the most powerful man in the world.

The Biden administration’s attempt to label a video showing President Biden’s confused behavior as “disinformation” is a blatant attempt to control the narrative and silence dissenting voices. This is not about protecting the truth, but about protecting the image of a failing presidency.

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