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Two Mass Shootings Happened Overnight in Texas and Michigan, Both Involving Child Victims – Details About the Shooters Revealed, Guess Which One Will Be Used for Gun Control Calls

Two mass shootings happened overnight in our country one was in Texas during a Juneteenth celebration at a Round Rock park, and the other was at a recreation area in Rochester Hills, Michigan!

In both cases, kids were part of the victims!

Two people were shot and killed during a Juneteenth celebration on Saturday at a park in Round Rock, Texas, police said.


A fight broke out between two groups at the Old Settlers Park at about 11 p.m., Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks told reporters early Sunday. At about the same time, someone produced a gun and began to fire, Banks said, adding that multiple people were struck by gunfire.

Two people died at the scene, Banks said. The dead did not appear to have been part of the larger altercation and it was unknown how many shooters there had been, he said.

2 people died and at least 6 others, including 2 children, were injured!

The shooter has been detained but an initial casualty report has yet to follow and they also withhold the identity of the shooter!

But we have a video from the arrest:

This one is labeled as a regular shooting by the media but the other is a mass shooting where motives are needed!

Mass shooting at Rochester Hills splash pad: 2 children, 7 adults shot

In Rochester Hills, Michigan, authorities are investigating a motive after a shooting at the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad left at least nine people injured on Saturday afternoon. The incident, described by officials as a “random” act, caused widespread panic among families in the crowded recreation area.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard reported that the gunman, a 42-year-old white man, arrived at the splash pad, exited his vehicle, and opened fire from about 20 feet away, he started firing once he was out of his car from the base of the steps that lead to the splash pad. He walked up the steps, reloaded, and continued shooting from the top of the steps in the splash pad area. He fired 28 shots randomly into the crowded splash pad, according to police.

He was firing from two handguns. Some victims were shot while trying to run from the scene. The shooter fled the scene before police arrived.

Michigan Rep. John James expressed the community’s shock and horror at a press conference, stating, “Under no circumstances is it normal for ice cream cones and flip flops to be strewn amongst blood and bullet casings.”

Another example of WORLD GONE WILD. thoughts and prayers to everyone affected!

This is a sad day for our country! Many people suspect that these shootings are not just random!

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