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Watch Grab-Ass Dude Get His Lights Knocked Out! (Video)

Grab-ass dude gets his lights knocked out!

Some dude grabbed a woman’s butt on the Las Vegas strip and she is not happy about it at all.

She is walking down the sidewalk with tight denim ultra short shorts with her butt hanging out the bottom of them and he lost all of his senses and grabs what she is flaunting at him.

The woman gets right in the dude’s face and starts berating him, but he wouldn’t leave and starts mouthing off right back at her.


Then a man steps in and starts pushing grab-ass dude back and then all hell breaks loose when a second man steps in and knocks grab-ass dude flat on his back with one punch.

Grab-ass dude immediately gets up off the ground and then the first man knocks him out cold.

If you’re going to grab ass and run off at the mouth, you best be ready to back it up!

This dumbass just learned his lesson the hard way!

Watch the video:

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