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As Person OF Interest Is Identified In The Nashville Bombing People Posted Allegations That The Explosion Is Not Originating From The RV (Photos & Video)

Federal investigators in Nashville are combing through more than 500 tips and leads to unraveling the mystery surrounding the explosion that rocked Music City on Christmas morning.
The blast occurred Friday at 6:30 a.m. CT, after a computerized voice emanating from a parked white motor home loudly urged people to evacuate, warning the vehicle would explode in minutes.
The RV’s explosion left at least three people injured, set several other vehicles on fire, destroyed a number of buildings on the block and knocked out wireless service in much of the region.

Yesterday a video surfaced from a security camera in which we can clearly see the RV.

Yet, questions were asked. Where is the video of the suspect vehicle when it was originally being parked and the suspects who left it there?


A law enforcement source told CBS News at least one person of interest has been identified in connection to the recreational vehicle that exploded on Christmas morning, rocking downtown Nashville. Multiple sources confirm that Anthony Quinn Warner, a Nashville area resident, had a similar make and model recreational vehicle as the one in photos released to the public.

Warner was described as a 63-year-old White man. Federal agents are at the address listed to Warner.

Video from the situation at Warner’s home as agents are entering his home:

Some people remain unconvinced about the truth in this case and started allegations that the bomb wasn’t in the RV at all.
Another video surfaced and images of the explosion that raised a few questions:

Images below:

Image below:

Slow-motion video of the explosion:

It’s also possible the RV triggered secondary explosions on the opposite side of the street. We’ll have to wait for the evidence to come in though.

In the fog, it is difficult to see clearly. Even after investigation, much will be kept from the public. Eyewitnesses indicate a sequence that others immediately dismiss. Such is to be expected in a DIS-information age. We have a “small scale” event, nothing more (yet?

FBI Special Agent in Charge Doug Korneski said Saturday there is no indication of additional explosive threats. He said officials had received about 500 tips and are “not working on any assumptions.”

Nashville PD released a clear high-quality video from the explosion and we can now clearly point on where the explosion came from.

Video below:

Finally, we overlay the previous frame before the explosion occurred, at differing levels of transparency, to determine what was at the point of origin that was the source of the explosion.

Images below:

Combining perspective lines drawn on the rays with the gradient ring markers help us better visualize the 3-dimensional space of the perspective lines.

Image below:

It’s quite clear from the video the RV was the point of origin of the explosion. The perspective lines drawn on the rays and the gradient rings converge on this single source.

Image below:

Since the AT&T building is hardened, (my best guess is) the RV was deflected from the building and landed on the other side of the street.