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Newly Released Video From Justice Dept Shows The Rotunda Door On January 6th At Capitol Complex – One Of The “Protesters” Looks Like RNC/DNC Bomber From The Night Before


Videos released under court order provide a chilling new look at the chaos at the US Capitol on January 6.

Federal judges ordered the release of the videos after media organizations, including The Associated Press, went to court to request that the Department of Justice provide access. The videos are being presented as evidence in prosecutors’ cases against three men charged with assaulting police.


Here’s the latest video:

Isn’t it amazing these clips never show what happened beforehand…like how a magnetically locked door opened from the inside with cops right there?
Now, many people online alleged that this “attack” was planed.

The former chief of U.S. Capitol Police confirmed that security officials at the House and Senate rebuffed his early requests to call in the National Guard ahead of a demonstration in support of President Trump that turned into a deadly attack on Congress.

But what’s capture the eye of the newest video is the fact that one of the “protesters” looks like the RNC/DNC pipe bomber.

Images below:

That hoodie looks a lot like the bomber’s the night before given the fact that the street light makes a little difference but the hoodie looks similar.

More than five months after the U.S. Capitol riot, a bomb-maker remains on the loose.

A majority of the public’s attention has been focused on the hundreds of people who have been charged for their role on Jan. 6. But the night before, someone committed a different crime: The person placed two explosive devices near the Capitol in Washington, D.C., and that person is still at large.

The FBI released a substantial amount of information in an attempt to drum up leads from the public, and the reward for information about the suspect is now $100,000.

Here’s what is known: The suspect was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, a COVID-19 mask and expensive sneakers — Nike Air Max Speed Turf with a distinctive yellow logo. Sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., the suspect placed one pipe bomb on a park bench near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and another behind the Republican National Committee headquarters.