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Radio Host Release Recordings Of Man Claiming To Be DOD Official With Sworn Affidavits Where He Allegedly Admits Plane Offloaded Illegal Ballots In AZ

Unlike other GOP members Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelli Ward decided to stand with President Trump in his fight to prove his allegations of voter fraud.

Ward filed a lawsuit in Arizona state court that alleged widespread issues with the vote count, including issues with how mail-in ballot signatures are verified and issues with ballots that are duplicated so they can be read by a tabulation machine, arguing these errors resulted in votes for President Donald Trump not getting counted or votes to flip from Trump to Biden.

Ward alleges that if the ballots at issue are allowed to be examined, the inspection could find that there are enough ballots with errors to overturn Biden’s win.


The GOP chair’s lawsuit was struck down in both Arizona’s Superior Court and Supreme Court, with the state Supreme Court finding Ward’s case did not provide any evidence of “misconduct” or “illegal votes” or “establish any degree of fraud or a sufficient error rate that would undermine the certainty of the election results.”

In her petition to the U.S. Supreme Court, Ward alleged the lower courts did not give Republicans enough time to inspect ballots and prove “uncounted” or “flipped” votes for Trump because they wanted to resolve the case by the “safe harbor” deadline on Dec. 8 and when the Electoral College meets Dec. 14.

The talks of alleged voter fraud didn’t stop in Arizona been if all lawsuits were struck down.

If proven to be really big news is coming from AZ.

Stew Peter who is a host of The Patriotically Correct Radio Show alleged in the last 24 hours that he has real proof of voter fraud in AZ and that huge dump of illegal ballots we unloaded from a plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

A few moments ago he posted a video on Parler with the audio recordings from sworn affidavits witnesses alleging huge voter fraud in AZ.

Video below:

There is supposedly video too as few pictures of the airplane surfaced recently:

We can’t say that this is credible evidence, but since he has sworn affidavits it means that he is legally responsible if this case is proven to be fake!