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Watch: ISIS Terrorists Film Themselves Being Blown To Pieces As Armoured Car Is Destroyed (Video)

ISIS domination of the world must be stopped by all of the Free World. We are now witnesses that Islam is a far greater threat to freedom than Hitler ever was.

All Obama’s actions really showed that he is either just a sympathizer of ISIS and other terrorist groups or he is really an ISIS, Hamas or Hezbollah! Under Obama, the US military has been held back and not allowed to do what they were trained to do. When the military had the conflict to the point of beating the enemy they were called off. It’s time, actually, past time to stop sacrificing American soldiers in life and death struggles they are not allowed to win. Well, that’s all in the past now and since President Trump is in charge we started hunting down ISIS members!

The moment ISIS jihadis were reportedly killed in an explosion after being hunted down by a Syrian army tank – was captured in an extraordinary footage. The terrorists cried and screamed before and after the blast as gunshots rung in the background. Watch the video below!


According to Mirror:

The footage was seized by Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah forces after the ISIS convoy was obliterated in the offensive, according to the Syriana Analysis YouTube account.

Government forces foiled an ISIS attack on their barracks near Hmaimeh in Homs. Five vehicles were destroyed and 13 terrorists killed in the battle.

In the final moments, before the jihadists are blown to bits, they can be heard saying “the tank will bomb us,” in a translated version of the video.

One extremist screams: “Tank on the right side. “The tank..the tank..the tank is over there, over there, over there.”

The tank cannot be seen at any point in the clip. The jihadi shouts: “Anti-tanks oh anti-tanks..follow us.”

One voice is heard saying: “No-one gets off …stop..stop.” The clip finishes with the sound of groaning and rounds of gunfire.

Islam, the religion of peace… a piece over here, a piece over there, pieces everywhere. Now resting in pieces!

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