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Video: CNN Busted In Their Coverage Of Hurricane Ian – Watch The Guy At The Back As He Trolls The Fake News Reporter

Florida Govenor Ron DeSantis delivered an update on Thursday morning following the destruction of Hurricane Ian.

Ian was downgraded from a hurricane level 4 when it hit land to a tropical storm on Thursday morning.

Governor DeSantis says the state is still assessing the damage as the tropical storm crosses the state.

Governor DeSantis held a press conference moments ago.

The damage is extensive, especially in southwest Florida.

However, CNN decided to never let a crisis go to waste!

Even do the hurricane was once in a 500-year event as DeSantis himself confirmed, CNN needed to create some fake news and one man unintentionally trolled the fake news reporter as he was trying to make it look like he was at the heart of the storm!

Watch the hilarious video below:
(Watch the guy at the back calmly walks to his car)

I don’t know if I’d say this reporter is “faking it.” but I do understand why people are very suspicious of CNN. After all, they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to honest reporting, do they?

When it comes to weather hoaxes the Weather Channel is even worse.

Now, this is the Weather Channel reporter from Florida yesterday, and people find it odd that his microphone is working perfectly in this horrific storm. They’re also wondering why a man of his size (standing on pavement lol) is being tossed around so easily.

You can watch the video below:

Maybe for the past storms, the Weather Channel took the “Oscars” for faking but this time CNN is the winner!
Flashback to when Anderson’s Cooper was reporting on the floods a number of years ago, turns out he was standing in a ditch:

Back to the real news:
The federal government and DeSantis are working together fine for the time being. This natural disaster is one of the biggest in recent years for Florida.

According to the Miami Herald, Floridians aren’t out of the woods yet as power has been lost to millions across Florida and it may be a long time before power is restored.

The Internet Is On Fire After Reports Out Of China Claiming Xi Jinping Has Been Arrested By The Military, Video Shows Military Vehicles Entering Beijing

Unconfirmed reports from China have revealed shocking information regarding the South Asian country’s President Xi Jinping. Although Chinese media have not confirmed the rumors, tweets from Chinese users suggest that President Xi Jinping has been placed under house arrest by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Rumors also suggested that Li Qiaoming, a general serving in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), could replace Xi as premier.

The development comes a day after Bloomberg reported that a Chinese court had sentenced a former top security official to life in prison, completing a crackdown on the “political clique” he led against Xi Jinping just weeks before the Communist Party overhaul.

Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese human rights activist who now lives in the US, posted a video on her Twitter claiming that the PLA is moving towards Beijing.

“#PLA military vehicles heading to #Beijing on 22nd September. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing and ending in Zhangjiakou City in Hebei Province, the entire procession is up to 80 km long. Meanwhile, #XiJinping is said to have been arrested after #CCP seniors removed him as PLA chief.

Video below:

Reports also indicated that nearly 60% of flights in China were suspended on Friday, without any explanation.

Chinese author Gordon Chang, who is also based in the US, cited Zeng’s video on twitter, writing: “This video of military vehicles driving into #Beijing comes immediately after 59% of flights in the country have been grounded and senior officials have been jailed. . There’s a lot of smoke, which means there’s a fire somewhere inside #CCP. #China is unstable.”

At the time of this report, only domestic flights with less than normal traffic were observed in Chinese airspace showing flight radar.

Even do Jenifer Zeng is very close to China’s inside news we at the Red State Nation were unable to verify this news.

We also checked on websites such as the Global Times for any news relating to Xi. However we found no such news. We also checked international websites such as CNN and BBC and found no such news.

Another State Fights For Arming Teachers, But The Teachers Union Fights Back

Teachers in Ohio can now carry firearms on school grounds under a new law that went into effect this week.

House bill 99 cuts down the required training time for Ohio teachers and staff to carry guns.

They were already allowed to carry firearms but the Ohio Supreme Court ruling last year required participants to undergo more than 700 hours of training — the same as peace officers. The new law cuts training to a maximum of 24 hours, followed by eight hours of annual requalification training and yearly background checks.

Some parents aren’t comfortable with this new law.

“You put these weapons closer to children, closer to people who may want to do harm,” parent Kevin Wallace said.

The law lowers the required hours of training from 700 to 24 hours.

The bill is sponsored by Butler County Rep. Thomas Hall. His father was a resource officer who chased a shooter from Madison High School in 2016.

He recently spoke about his motivation behind the new law.

“My goal, and the goal of this legislation as a whole, was to always protect and enhance the school safety for the students and staff,” Hall said.

The Ohio Education Association isn’t happy about the move either. From

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is disappointed, but not surprised, by Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision to sign House Bill 99 Monday given his track record of bowing down to the gun lobby and ignoring the concerns of educators, families, and law enforcement experts throughout his term as governor. House Bill 99 (HB 99) guts training requirements for school staff carrying guns in our classrooms and could lead to further tragedies in our schools and make them less safe.

OEA President Scott DiMauro called to safety:

“Our students and educators need to be in safe environments where they can focus on teaching and learning, not on the threat of having unprepared, woefully undertrained people — regardless of their good intentions — making split-second life-or-death decisions about whether to pull the trigger in a chaotic classroom full of innocent bystanders. It would take hundreds of hours of training and firearms practice to be ready for those situations…”

The Ohio Federation of Teachers has opposed the law as well.

Clearly, a teacher’s possession of a firearm could lead to catastrophic consequences — what if an evildoer gained possession? For that matter, what if the evildoer was the teacher? As for the former, the same could be said for public carry in general.

Local districts including Cincinnati Public Schools, Loveland Schools, Fairfield City Schools, Oak Hills, Sycamore, Lakota Local Schools and Forest Hills said they will not be arming teachers.

Censored Video: After Calling Half Of The Country “Fascists” One Brave American Calls Biden A Pedo During His Last Rally

Speculations about Hunter Biden dubbing his father as ‘Pedo Peter’ surfaced on social media after users of 4Chan claimed to have hacked his iCloud account. The users claimed that Hunter saved U.S. President Joe Biden’s saved the moniker in his phone contact list.

Besides leaking a ton of controversial data on the social media platform, the users also shared screenshots of Hunter’s laptop and phone on the website last month.

However, many Americans are convinced that Joe should answer about his inappropriate naked shower with his daughter. The news came out that Biden’s daughter Ashley wrote in her diary about the incident and the FBI literally confirmed that the diary is real after they charged people for stealing Ashley’s diary.

Two people pleaded guilty in federal court in New York in connection with the theft and sale of the diary and other items belonging to Ashley Biden, the daughter of President Joe Biden. The defendants conspired to steal items from Florida and transport them over state lines in 2020 when Ashley’s father was the Democratic nominee for the White House.
The duo shopped the diary to the campaign of then-President Donald Trump, which told them to take it to the FBI, court records show.
The diary was ultimately sold to Project Veritas.

During his latest rally held nearby Maryland a man heckled Joe that the stole the elections.

That video was posted all over!

Video below:

But a new and full video from the event shows that the man also called Joe a pedophile, and that video was censored!

Video below:

This is the same event where Biden called half of the country fascists.

Biden’s remarks at the Bethesda fundraiser as reported by pool reporter Andrew Restuccia, “What we’re seeing now is the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the the entire philosophy that underpins the – I’m going to say something – it’s like semi-fascism.”

Video Shows How Biden Supporter Drink A Beer During A Baseball Game And It’s Hilarious

Video caught a fan of the Bronx Bombers sitting field level using a regular straw to punch a hole through his hot dog at Yankee Stadium on Monday night.

Some people call this Yankees fan – who decided to use his hot dog as a straw during a game on Monday at Yankee Stadium – the very worst of all criminals, perhaps of all time.

Even his neighbor who saw the video pointed out that the man is a Biden voter and his woke reactions are confusing him more and more every day!

After licking both ends of the straw, the fan then leaned over to pick up his drink from the ground – which appeared to be a beer – and placed the hot dog in it. With the hot dog almost fully submerged, the fan took a sip of his drink through it.

This sure is a different way to go about enjoying a hot dog as the Yankees clashed with the rival Mets, but to each their own.

Watch the video below:

Yes, no joke: this guy used a straw to make his hot dog into a straw so that he could drink beer through said hot dog.

It sounds, and looks, immediately revolting, but you know you’re over there thinking about it.

Here’s Why American Farmers Are Killing Their Own Crops And Selling Their Cows – No Help From Biden’s Administration

Over the last 12 months, grocery prices soared 13.1% — the largest annual increase since the year ending in March 1979, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday.
The prices of nearly every grocery item have ballooned over the past year.

The cost of eggs has soared 38%, and prices for other goods have also jumped: Flour is up 22.7%, chicken 17.6%, milk 15.6%, ground beef 9.7% and bacon 9.2%. Fruits and vegetables got 9.3% more expensive.

A number of factors have contributed to the rise in food costs, but for our country, it’s not just the inflation that contributed to this!

According to a survey from the American Farm Bureau Federation, drought conditions have put the production of beef, dairy, wheat, vegetable, fruits and nuts at serious risk.

Droughts have persisted in the states throughout the Central Plains up to North Dakota, all the way west to California and all the way south to Texas.

60% of the American West, Southwest, and Central Plains are categorized as D3 (severe) drought or higher.

The 17 states including and north of Texas, up along the Central Plains to North Dakota and west to California are vital to the U.S. agricultural sector, supporting nearly half of the nation’s $364 billion production by value. This includes 74% of beef cattle, responsible (in total) for 18% of U.S. agricultural production by value; 50% of dairy production, responsible (in total) for 11% of U.S. agricultural production by value, over 80% of wheat production by value and over 70% of vegetable, fruit and tree nut production by value. Drought conditions, which have persisted well into 2022, put production of these commodities at risk, along with the stability of farms, ranches and local economies reliant on crops, livestock and downstream products and services for income.

Both farmers and ranchers are being forced to take drastic measures.

Most notably, there has been a significant increase from last year in farmers having to till under crops, remove fruit trees and even sell livestock.

“Those who reported tilling under crops because of drought conditions jumped from only 24% of respondents last year to 37% of respondents this year. Similarly, 33% of respondents reported destroying and removing orchard trees and other multiyear crops as prevalent or higher, up from only 17% last year,” the AFBF reported.

Across the region surveyed by the AFBF, respondents also expected average crop yields to be down 38 percent this year. Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are expected to have the biggest yield drops.

Meanwhile, ranchers are having to reduce their herd sizes. Many did so last year and told the AFBF that they had to do so again this year.

“Of the surprising 67% of respondents who reported reducing herd sizes in 2021, nearly 50% were further reducing their herd or flock this year, 37% were maintaining the reduced herd size and only 14% were building their headcount back up,” the AFBF reported.

Along with the 67 percent who had to reduce herd sizes last year, 76 percent also fallowed rangeland.

Ninety percent of respondents reported an increase in local feed costs as prevalent or higher in their area, up from 87% last year. As the region provides over 70% of the nation’s hay, widespread low-quality or insufficient forage means farmers and ranchers must look elsewhere for a smaller supply of feed at exorbitant prices, and often located a long distance from the farm or ranch. One Utah producer who trucked in hay from Nebraska last year now faces the costly barrier of fuel prices to access hay in 2022.

The question has to be asked, what is our administration doing to prevent this?

Photos: Conservative Group Beating The Progressives At Their Own Woke Game And It’s Hilarious Perfection

Citizens for Sanity, a conservative nonprofit organization, is taking a new route for a campaign against Democrats, spending millions to rent billboard space to advocate against their opponents.

According to Politico, The group is fighting what it calls the “woke ideology of sheltered white liberals” with “television, newspaper and billboard advertising campaigns in battleground congressional districts.”

Among the different campaign, tactics is a video ad depicting a male athlete competing in a girls’ track meet.

The mainstream media attacks them but fails to report the fact that this is what progressive groups have been doing for years.

Check out these ads and billboards from all across the country.

The billboards are focused on calling out left-wing activists and politicians by echoing their talking points.

One billboard reads, “Protect Pregnant Men from Climate Discrimination,” while another says to, “Open the jails. Open the borders. Close the schools. Vote progressive this November.”

Nice dig at Biden and the ridiculous idea that men can have babies.

Keep going.

Ian Prior, a strategic consultant for Citizens for Sanity, works as executive director of Fight for Schools, one of the groups that brought attention to parental rights issues during Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial election.

“The woke ideology of sheltered white liberals is a mortal threat to American liberty, security, and prosperity,” Prior said.

Finally, the Right is fighting fire with fire.

(This post may contain disputed claims. We make no assertions as to the validity of the information presented by our Opinion Columnist. This is an opinion article, and this post should be treated as such. Enjoy.)

Biden 2.0 – Democrat Nominee For US Senate Can Barely Speak Durring His Rally After Coming Out of Stroke-Induced Hiatus (Video)

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman finally “returned” to the campaign trail after ignoring his doctor for years and suffering a massive stroke. That “return” looked a lot like box-checking for the senate candidate, though.

Democrat Fetterman is running against Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz in the 2022 US Senate race in Pennsylvania.

In what was obviously a tightly controlled environment, Fetterman only appeared for 11 minutes, wearing a hoodie in summer weather and being backed up by his wife. Now, the first footage of the event has been revealed, and it shows a man who is not alright.

He can barely speak.

Fetterman struggled to recall words as he spoke to rally goers this weekend.

Video below:

Multiple times throughout his brief remarks, Fetterman, seemed to completely blank out before returning to his incredibly generic remarks. That’s almost certainly a remnant of the stroke and something that the Democrat has been unwilling to be transparent about. To this point, he’s hidden behind his social media personality, carefully crafted by staffers to make him appear quick-witted and funny. What was shown on that stage was anything but that, though.

Video from his official account:

Not only is John Fetterman not well after his stroke, he got an allowance from mommy and daddy until he was 50 years old.

Fetterman has been supported by his parents up until recently.

The Philidelphia Inquirer recently covered this.

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Public records show — and Fetterman has openly acknowledged — that for a long stretch lasting well into his 40s, his main source of income came from his parents, who gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone. That was part of the financial support his parents regularly provided when Fetterman’s only paying work was $150 a month as mayor of Braddock, a job he held from his mid-30s until he turned 49. Partway through his tenure, in 2013, he moved to an industrial-style loft he purchased from his sister for $1 after she paid $70,000 for it six years earlier.

According to Democrats, Fetterman’s most egregious action was back in 2013 when he chased a black man down the street who he thought was involved in shootings in his neighborhood. Fetterman then pulled out a shotgun on the black man who it turned out wasn’t involved in the shooting.

The perfect Democrat we can call him Biden 2.0

Video: Porch Pirate Learns What Happens When You Try Stealing From A Gun Owner Who Brings Out His Assault Rifle

Porch piracy has become a growing criminal industry. You can expect more of it as Joe Biden’s economy continues to make goods and services too expensive for people to pay for themselves. You have to be careful, though. As you creep up on the porch and try to snatch the box sitting on the welcome mat, you never know if the homeowner is watching … with a really big gun. One nogoodnik found this out the hard way.

“Put that sh** back!”

Those were the words an alleged porch pirate was greeted with after he casually grabbed a box from what looks like a Detroiter’s front porch in a theft attempt.

But the words weren’t as attention-grabbing as the assault rifle in the homeowner’s hands.

Video below:

When he was confronted, a doorbell camera catches the pirate politely returning the box and getting back into his car to leave. The altercation is over.

There’s something satisfying about watching punks get their comeuppance. We’ve seen it with a porch pirate pooping his pants and another who timed his heist way wrong. What makes this video awesome is the way my dude with the gun made the thief come back. He didn’t just drop the package and run. He made the guy walk back to the porch and put the package back where he found it. For no other reason than he had a really big gun and he wanted to make things as embarrassing as possible for the thief.

Standard viral video disclaimers. Allow for some missing context. Obviously, this didn’t just recently happen, what with there being snow on the ground. one of our readers mailed us this video and we wanted to share it with our second amendment supporters.
The sender confirmed that this was filmed in East Detroit last winter.

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion

“Gain Of Function, Here We Come”: Fauci “Jokes” That He Created COVID In His Kitchen (Video)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the President of the United States, in an interview, joked that he created the COVID-19 virus in his Kitchen. The joke took place when the interviewer asked Fauci about the initial outbreak of the virus in Washington.

Fauci, known for his wit, instantly said he created the virus in his kitchen and let it loose.

Video below:

The man almost single handedly responsible for the failed COVID policies of the past two-plus years has announced that he will be retiring soon. For many of us, that day cannot come soon enough.

After more than five decades of federal service under seven presidents, Anthony Fauci says he’s leaving by the end of President Joe Biden’s term. In a wide-ranging interview with POLITICO, he spoke of his legacy, the hard truths about the country’s pandemic response and his desire to calm the politicization wracking the country.

“We’re in a pattern now. If somebody says, ‘You’ll leave when we don’t have Covid anymore,’ then I will be 105. I think we’re going to be living with this,” Biden’s chief medical adviser said when asked whether he is staying in his role out of a sense of obligation.

During the first year of the pandemic, Anthony Fauci MD was a study in confusion. He expressed wildly conflicting opinions about how lethal and contagious the coronavirus was depending on who he was talking to.

In private he questioned whether it could be spread asymptomatically, whether wearing masks could help contain it, and whether it was possible to be re-infected.

In public he warned us that we were facing a viral apocalypse, touting a pandemic model from the Imperial College in London that predicted millions upon millions of US deaths.

It turned out that the model was algorithmic garbage, but that didn’t stop America’s most famous virologist from recommending — in mid-March 2020 — that the economy of the entire country be shut down indefinitely, 40 million people be put out of work, tens of millions of children be denied an education, and millions of “nonessential” small businesses be shuttered, many never to reopen.

Under Fauci’s influence, the US Coronavirus Task Force then proceeded to commit every epidemiological sin in the book.