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Four Girls, Ages 9 to 17, St*abbed by Maniac at AMC Theater in Braintree, MA. See the Suspect’s Photo to Understand Why There Are No Details Released Yet

Four girIs, ages ranging from 9 to 17, were st*bbed by a maniac at an AMC theatre yesterday in Braintree, MA.

Here’s what the MSM had to said about the stabbing incident:

A male suspect has been arrested in connection with a stabbing that wounded four girls in an AMC movie theater south of Boston Saturday, authorities said. CBS Boston has learned that the same suspect may be responsible for a similar incident which may have occurred at a McDonald’s restaurant in Plymouth.

A man stabbed four girls inside a theater at an AMC multiplex in Braintree at around 6 p.m. local time, the Braintree Police Department reported. Braintree is located about 12 miles south of Boston.

Police said the man entered the multiplex without a ticket, went into a theater, and then attacked the four girls, ages 9 to 17, unprovoked. The girls were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

“It’s so heartbreaking that’s what I’ll be thinking about the rest of the night is seeing those kids coming down the steps and just crying. They looked really stunned like they just saw a horror movie, not a kid’s movie,” said Matteo Rojas, who was at the theater at the time of the stabbing.

So no details about the suspect yet!


When you see the photo of the suspect below you will understand why:

Here’s what one X user said about the suspect:

This is the suspect. Jared Ravizza. Heard it on scanner from homicide in CT. that he did earlier in the day. Goes by a ‘she’ on IG.

Media is desperately trying to cover this one up, as Jared Ravizza also appears to be from a family with money and resides in Martha’s Vineyard and Beverly Hills seasonally.
If the suspect’s identity doesn’t fit the narrative then it might never come out.

We’ve seen this scenario countless times before.

Then even when the suspect is booked they’re sometimes booked as the wrong identity in order to support the narrative.

This is Biden’s America.

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